Jason C. Powell, Ph.D.

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Public Speaking

Weather you need a host for an event or need to get an important point across to your audience, Jason has that voice. He has hosted numerous events in front of thousands of audience members, been on live radio, television and a guest on numerous podcasts. He has a way of connecting to those attending the events, listening to a broadcast or watching live.

Business Consulting

Jason has a deep network, wide array of business experience and knowledge while maintaining a unique and modern approach to guiding start-ups and small businesses to success. He has applied this in his work with Optimum Nutrition, My Fit Foods, Life Fitness, BOLT Equipment, various fitness facilities, medical groups and more. An initial meeting is always on the house!

Public Speaking

From small plays and dramas as a child, competing in front of thousands, hosting corporate and entertainment events to conducting seminars and hosting live broadcasts, I have always had a passion for being in front of people.

Engaging with audiences brings me an energy like few things.

Expressing your companies perspectives of the future.

Getting the proper and concise message of your company’s perspectives, direction and future can be a challenge.  Let me be the piece to bring it all together at your functions.

Bringing a unique feel and energy to your events.

Too often, speakers lose their audience with the same old drummings and patterns. I will bring a unique style to your events, ensuring your message will not be lost.

Offering that something special to your broadcasts.

Being able to speak “on the fly” with confidence and quality input is key to any broadcast.  With my experience, you will never have to worry about slow or boring points and you will never have to be conserned with “dead air”.

Bringing true engagement to your audience.

Quality engagement from a speaker that is authentic and genuine is essential for any event.  Watch me keep your audience engaged and involved with your message and events!

Need personal guidance with your health and wellness?


Starting a new venture, business or partnership?


Looking to grow as an individual?


Having a rough time managing your time?


Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock your FULL potential. Say hello to the NEW YOU

I am happy to help folks grow, advance and win! I have been fortunate enough to have gained knowledge and experience in a cast array of areas and have used this to guide individuals to great success. Reach out and see how I can help YOU!

“Jason was amazing. I felt like we were speaking to each other even though there were over a thousand people there.”
– CW in Houston

“I felt like I never stopped learning.  He had so much information I had to break out my notepad.”

– Dennis in Dallas

“Shocked! I first thought, ‘What is this muscle head going to tell us?’ He knocked us out of our seats with all he brought!”
– Melissa in Austin