Jason C Powell, Ph.D.

Host of the Unlighten Me Experience podcast, public speaker, mentor, veteran, martial artist, seeker of knowledge UME Shop - NEW Items

unlighten me experience

The “Unlighten Me Experience” is an unfiltered show exploring all aspects of the world we are forced to live in.  It is my goal to explore a wide variety of perspectives with my guests and dive deep into the realities of science, human behavior, politics, explorations, conspiracies and so much more. I created this show to also be a BIG party for me to NOT keep my mouth shut any longer. So many circumstances, out of my control, have forced me to be tight-lipped for years…NO MORE!

Support the UME Podcast

This is one way I help support the show…a portion of proceeds go to veterans, active duty and our first responders.  More is coming soon…thanks and stay tuned!