Back in 1997, I lightly joined the ON/ABB Team as a military liaison as military members were not allowed to be sponsored back then. It was a rather lucky thing to happen as I had met a representative while I was helping the Weider brother promote and conduct the 1995 Mr. Worlds in Guam. I kept in touch and they needed a “local” rep to help out, so I did as much for PACAF. Fast forward to my post military life and return to the US, I worked with Sports Supplements of Texas as the ABB and ON rep. Really just helping educate folks interested in the products….at shows, old school forums and local gyms. From late 2007 to about 2009, I was fortunate enough to have my image used in a majority of ads and such for the revamped brand…a golden boy of sorts until the world of social media took over! Then, my roll quickly switched to the older fit guy that kind of knew a lot…Haha.
As the years passed, and my choice not to be too involved with social media grew, I became a less desired person for the company. Justifiably so, ON and other companies are ALL about the “followers” and less about the individuals, their knowledge and so on. So, needless to say, ON and I went out separate ways.
No hard feelings…on the contrary! I have some solid relationships with some of the corporate folks, athletes and even prior athletes. They have a great company and gave me a TON of support over the many, many years of my being involved with them.
I am super proud to have been a part of the ON Team and company for so long.