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Built> – Fitness

This programming is designed to guide individuals and groups towards increased fitness through strength and conditioning styles of programming while including nutritional guidance in a variety of diet types.

There are options for those with and without gym access, as well as programming to cover times you are traveling or away from the gym for any period of time.

The programming is primarily designed for increasing strength, conditioning and overall health, although programming IS available for traditional bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training.  Just contact us for more information on that.

All nutritional guidance is just that, guidance.  Prescribing menus often leads to failure for various reasons, so this programming is designed to teach and guide you to develop the best plan that fits YOUR lifestyle and individual circumstances.

The app has the ability to integrate with some of the more common tracking apps like, MyZone, FitBit and MyFitnessPal.

With the focus on community and accountability, you will be able to be a part of a community of others on a similar journey, enjoy weekly live and interactive videos as well as your questions being answered daily within the private community.

Programming, reminders, tracking, challenges and constant communications…everything YOU need for success!

Being GREAT is not a destination…it is a way of LIFE!