About Jason

Jason is a geneticist, host of the “Unlighten Me Experience” podcast, an advocate for veterans and all that suffer from PTSD/TBI.  His successes through his no nonsense, logical and scientific approach have heavily increased the demand for his perspectives and time.

Over the years, Jason served many years in the US Air Force, played a major role in many areas of genetic research, the advancement of human performance and is a martial artist, holding black belts in multiple arts.  He prides himself on being a lifetime natural athlete.

Jason has firm positions with his political and social stances while maintaining an open mind to all perspectives and loves to debate and discuss about every position.

From his many areas of study and application, he has developed top tier NCAA strength and conditioning programs, played a major role in the development and growth of several successful businesses, professional athletes and is now pursuing his dream of having well-documented conversations with a variety of individuals on his podcast, the “Unlighten Me Experience”.

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